Motoring - Getting the Maximum from your New Mini Book

Motoring - Table of Contents

Part 1 -  Buying Your New MINI

It's All in the Breeding
Your Basic Compact Front-wheel-drive Economy Car
John Cooper Had Another Idea
End of the Old; Birth of the New

What Kind of Motoring Do You Want to Do
A MINI Like No One Else's
Where Do You Want to Go in Your MINI?
How Fast Do You Want to Get There?

Tips on Filling Out Your MINI Order
Cooper or Cooper S?
Tintop or Ragtop?
Premium, Sport, and Cold Weather Packages
John Cooper Works Tuning Kit
Getting the Right Rubber for the Road
Other Accessories and Choices

Driving Fast Safely
Good Driving Starts Before You Turn the Key
Look Ahead, Think Ahead
Going Fast Safely is All About Stopping

Part 2 – MINIS for Streets and Roads

Getting to Know Your New Best Friend
We're Serious: Read the Manual
Take a Course in MINI Motoring
Join Your Many MINI Friends

Improving Your New MINI
What's to Improve?
The Basics of Internal Combusion
The S Should Stand for Supercharger
A Shopping List of Basic Improvements
Cold Air Intake System
Making the Supercharger More Super
Electronic Throttles, ECUs, and Fuel
Performance Spark Plugs
Exhaust Improvements
The Total Engine Upgrade Package
Improving the Handling
Other Upgrades for Your MINI

Advanced Street Driving Skills
Making the Car Do What You Want
When the Car Doesn't Go Where It's Pointed
Front Wheel Drive
The Best Way Around the Corner
Smoothness and Focus
What About Crisis Situations?

Taking It to the Track

Torque, Power and Gearing
Shifting Gears
Heel and Toe Downshifting
The Cornering Line
Motoring On

Part 3 – Serious MINIS for Track, Autocross and Touring

Part 3 Intro
What Can We Do Next?
Backroads Touring
Club Track Days
Casual Autocrossing
Just Do It

Making Your MINI More Responsive
Getting More Bite from Your Brakes
Getting Faster Response
Planning Your Improvements

Better Handling for Road, Track or Autocross
Performance Spring and Shock Upgrades
Ride Height, Camber and Toe
Anti-Sway Bars to Reduce Understeer
Front and Rear Strut Brace Kits
One at a Time or All at Once

Finding a Few More Horses
Getting More Bang for Your Buck - Electrical Upgrades
Throttle Body Upgrade
Improving the Intercooler
What to Do When

Increasing Reliability and Safety
Protecting the Soft Underbelly of Your MINI
Making Sure the Engine Stays Cool
Protecting the Old Noggin
Safety Belts

Track Day Driving Techniques
Before You Come to the Track
Types of Corners
Stitching the Corners Together
Blind Corners
Corner Workers and Safety Flags
Wet Tracks and Slippery Pavement
Track Day Safety
When You Get in Trouble
If It's Risky, Why Go to a Track Day?

Basic Autocross Techniques
Principles of Autocrossing
Finding the Fast Line
Starts and Finishes
Setting Up the Car
You Can Learn a Lot by Watching

Touring The Back Roads
When the Route is Brand-new
Be Ready for the Unexpected
Emergency Equipment for Your MINI
Get Off the Beaten Track

Part 4 – Competitive Motoring

When Going Faster Becomes a Passion
Class Competition in SCCA Autocross
On-Track Time Trials
Organized Track Day Programs
Club Racing – Almost the Real Thing

Competition Upgrades for Your MINI
Finding Even More Horsepower
Snappier Response
More Stopping Power
Reducing Wheel Spin in Cornering
Better Cornering Performance
Safety Items for the MINI
Driver Safety Equipment

A Primer for Novice Racers
Preparation is Half the Battle
When the Green Flag Drops
Passing on Corners
Track Etiquette and Common Sense
Keeping Cool in Chaos

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